Attention All Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division (TA-VAD) Suppliers:

Effective July 01, 2013, the TA-VAD Supply Chain website ( will be permanently merged with the Triumph Group Supplier Portal (

Below is a link to the guide explaining the Triumph Group Supplier Portal, its contents, and how to access some of the TA-VAD electronic tools you may still use. These tools include TA-VAD's technical portal for engineering, MESNC, SCARTS, and SIRs. We recommend you bookmark the Triumph Group Supplier Portal in your browser favorites, If you have bookmarked TA-VAD's technical portal, that link will remain valid (

If you are an existing Triumph Group supplier, you should already have supplier account log-in credentials. If you do not have supplier accoutn log-in credentials, please do not submit a request for them at this time. You will be notified at later date when to request credentials.

Click below to go the Triumph Group Supplier Portal:

Click below for the guide:

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Greg Smiley at

For further assistance, please email us at
or call
(817) 804-9400 ext 3181

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