Contour Aerospace Signs Major Contract To Build 787 Dreamliner Components

EVERETT, WASH., FEB. 28, 2006 – Contour Aerospace Corp. announced today that it has signed a sole-source contract with Shenyang Aircraft Corp. to manufacture the vertical leading edge spars for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. The contract has a potential value of approximately $8 million.

Contour Aerospace Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Vought Aircraft Industries, will produce the 787 Dreamliner spars at its 153,000-square-foot facility here. The aluminum plate for these parts is over 37 feet long. “The Everett facility has two high-speed gantries running on a 180-foot table, so these spars are a perfect application of our large parts capabilities,” said Bill Wallace, Contour business manager. The completed parts will be sent to Shenyang, China, for assembly into the 787’s vertical stabilizer. Spars act as support beams for aircraft structures.

“This is significant work for us,” said Wallace. “We appreciate the confidence Shenyang Aircraft has in our capabilities and are proud to be a part of the global supply base for the 787 program.” Wallace added that this is Contour’s first contract with a China-based company.

Contour operations in Everett were established in 1973 to produce machined skins, spars and stringers for the Boeing 707 and 727. Today the facility builds monolithic wing skins, wing spars, stringers, ribs, panels, pylons, fuselage skins and doublers, bulkheads, and machined components for a variety of commercial and military aircraft.

The 787 is a family of three super-efficient airplanes that will provide passengers with a better flying experience. The airplanes will feature significant improvements in passenger amenities including cleaner air, bigger windows, a lower cabin altitude and higher humidity. Detailed design of the 787 is under way with production scheduled to start later this year. First flight is planned for 2007 with deliveries beginning in 2008.

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