Vought to Deliver 300th Wing Set to Gulfstream For its Ultra-Long-Range Business Jet Fleet

DALLAS, JAN. 19, 2006 – Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. is celebrating a major production milestone this month by completing the 300th set of integrated wings for Gulfstream’s ultra-long-range business jet fleet.

Vought signed an agreement in 1993 to design and build fully integrated wings for the Gulfstream V (GV) business jet. The first 94-foot-long integrated wing was produced in 25 months, with an on-time delivery of July 18, 1995.

The GV, which entered service on June 30, 1997, was the first ultra-long-range business jet to market and set the industry standard for its class of aircraft. Gulfstream produced 193 GV aircraft before transitioning the production line in 2003 to make way for today’s G500 and G550 business jets.

“This is a remarkable milestone for our company and our employees,” said Erich Smith, general manager for Vought’s regional and business jet business. “We are proud of the integrated wings we produce and appreciate the business we have with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.”

Vought uses custom-built tooling and advanced manufacturing technology to produce its Gulfstream wings. The upper wing skin is a single sheet of machined aluminum, constructed using a technique called age-creep forming. The complete wing assembly includes flaps, ailerons, leading edges and trailing edges, and integration of the electrical, hydraulic and fuel systems. The modified G550 wing also has a strengthened internal structure that increases load capacity of the plane.

Vought supports the Gulfstream G450 and G350 jets as well by supplying their wing structure and nacelle systems.

About Vought

Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. (www.voughtaircraft.com) is one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of aerostructures. Headquartered in Dallas, the company designs and manufactures major airframe structures such as wings, fuselage subassemblies, empennages, nacelles and other components for prime manufacturers of aircraft. Vought has annual sales of approximately $1.2 billion and more than 6,000 employees in seven U.S. locations.

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