Triumph Aerostructures’ Rich Heritage

Triumph Aerostructures benefits from an industry legacy going back to the first producers of military aircraft in the United States. Our heritage evolves from a world-class family tree: Grumman, Northrop, Stinson, Textron, Avco and Vought.

  Lillie-Vought Biplane

Lillie-Vought Biplane
First aircraft designed by Chance Vought.

  Lewis & Vought Corporation formed

Lewis & Vought Corporation formed

  02U Corsair

02U Corsair
First multi-use convertible Navy aircraft that held four world records
for altitude and speed

  Grumman Aeronautical Engineering Company formed

Grumman Aeronautical Engineering Company formed

  FF1 Fighter/SF1 Scout

FF1 Fighter/SF1 Scout Grumman designs and produces the first Navy aircraft with enclosed cockpit and retractable landing gear.

  Stinson Aircraft Corporation 1939
Stinson Aircraft Corporation
a division of The Aviation Corporation, builds manufacturing facility in Nashville. In 1941, renames operation Vultee Aircraft (remains a division of The Aviation Corporation).
  Jack Northrop establishes Northrop Aircraft Incorporated 1939
Jack Northrop establishes Northrop Aircraft Incorporated
in Hawthorne, California, the current location of the company's Hawthorne site. Jack Northrop occupies an office in Plant 1 until his retirement in December 1952.
  Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 1939
Vought-Sikorsky VS-300
Igor Sikorsky makes initial flight and first successful single-main-rotor helicopter, produced by the Vought Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation.
  F4U Corsair Fighter 1940
F4U Corsair Fighter
First fighter to exceed 400 mph with full military load and first aircraft with an inverted gull wing design.
  Vultee Aircraft merges with Consolidated Aircraft 1943
Vultee Aircraft merges with Consolidated Aircraftto form Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, a division of The Aviation Corporation. It produces more than 1,500 Vultee Vengeance dive bombers from 1942-1944.
  V-173/XF5U-1 Flying Pancake Vertical/Short Takeoff 1947
V-173/XF5U-1 Flying Pancake Vertical/Short Takeoff
and Landing Fighter

First fighter designed to take off vertically or with only a short run of 710 feet.
  Vought Moves to Texas 1948
Vought Moves to Texas
U.S. Navy announces that Chance Vought Corporation will move its entire operation from Stratford, Connecticut, to the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant in Dallas which is today Vought’s Jefferson Street facility. The move, completed a year later, was the largest industrial relocation ever at that time.
  Stuart Factory Opens 1950
Stuart Factory Opens
Facility in Stuart, Florida, opens as a Grumman company operation adjacent to Witham Field in Martin County. It is initially used for flight test operations, and saw its first production programs in 1963.
  Lockheed C-130 Hercules AirLifter 1953
Lockheed C-130 Hercules AirLifter
Nashville site selected to produce empennage for C-130, which goes on to earn the distinction of being the longest continuously operating military aircraft production line in history.
  F-8 Crusader Fighter 1955
F-8 Crusader Fighter
First supersonic fighter used by the U.S. Navy, flown by Major John Glenn to set the official transcontinental speed record.
  Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) is formed 1961
Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) is formed
LTV Chance Vought Corporation operates the aircraft manufacturing business in Dallas.
  Lockheed C-141 Starlifter Transport 1962
Lockheed C-141 Starlifter Transport
Nashville operations begin producing wing box for the C-141. Subsequent Lockheed programs include wings for the C-5 Galaxy cargo transport and the L-1011 TriStar commercial jet.
  XC-142 Transport 1964
XC-142 Transport
First military contract to produce a vertical takeoff and landing transport aircraft.
  Gulfstream II Business Jet 1965
Gulfstream II Business Jet
Nashville site selected to produce Gulfstream 11 wing boxes and goes on to produce wings for GIII and GIV models as well.
  A-7 Corsair II Light Attack Bomber 1965
A-7 Corsair II Light Attack Bomber
Ordinance capacity triples that of previous Navy bombers, setting new weapons delivery accuracy standards.
  Boeing 747 Widebody Airplane 1966
Boeing 747 Widebody Airplane
Triumph Aerostructures' predecessor companies design and continue to manufacture the aft section, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, rudder, and elevators for the revolutionary jumbo jet.
  Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Heavy Cargo Transport 1966
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy Heavy Cargo Transport
Nashville site builds wings for C-5A through 1972. In 2002, Vought awarded contract with U.S. Air Force Warner Robins Air Logistics Center to provide new flight control surfaces for C-5 fleet.
  Grand Prairie Factory Opens 1968
Grand Prairie Factory Opens
Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) opens its Marshall Street facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, to produce the Scout missile and components for the Boeing 747.
  Hawthorne Facility Expands 1968
Hawthorne Facility Expands
Plant 3 is added as part of Northrop entity to produce center fuselage sections for the Boeing 747.
  Milledgeville Factory Opens 1975
Milledgeville Factory Opens
Grumman Aerospace Corporation opens plant in Milledgeville, Georgia, with many employees relocating from Long Island, New York. Work during the first 10 years centered on military programs, including the F-14, A-6, EA-6B, E2C, C2, EF-11, A-10, CH-53 and S-76.
  B-1 B Lancer Bomber 1982
B-1 B Lancer Bomber
Nashville site is awarded complete wing assembly contract for the B-1 B bomber and supports program through 1987. In addition, the Dallas site wins contract to build aft and aft intermediate sections of the fuselage.
  Milledgeville Facility Expands 1982
Milledgeville Facility Expands
Front offices and lay-up areas 2 and 3 are built to support growing business base, including the start-up of Boeing's 757 program – the site's first major commercial program.
  Textron purchases Avco Corporation,

Textron purchases Avco Corporation,
including its Nashville facility, and two years later changes its name to Textron Aerostructures.

  Boeing C-17 Globemaster 111 Transport 1987
Boeing C-17 Globemaster 111 Transport
Vought produces horizontal and vertical stabilizers, refueling receptacle installation and nacelles, including engine buildup.
  Airbus A330/A340 Long-Range Airplane 1988
Airbus A330/A340 Long-Range Airplane
Nashville site becomes first major U.S. structural assemblies participant in Airbus programs with contract to build wing components for the A330/A340.
  Northrop B-2 Spirit Bomber 1989
Northrop B-2 Spirit Bomber
Vought designs and manufactures the left and right intermediate wing sections for the first production program to use Jack Northrop's "flying wing" design. Work begins in Dallas in 1981; first flight takes place
July 17, 1989
  Gulfstream V Business Jet 1993
Gulfstream V Business Jet
Vought designs and produces the GV integrated wing system and does the same today for the G550 and G500 models.
  V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft 1993
V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft
Nashville site begins delivering empennage and ramp door to Bell Helicopter and goes on to produce the first 62 shipsets before the program is transferred to Vought's Dallas facility. Milledgeville site continues to build V-22 side skin assemblies, sponson and main landing gear panels.
  Northrop acquires Grumman 1994
Northrop acquires Grumman
to form Northrop Grumman Corporation, impacting Vought heritage sites in Hawthorne, California; Milledgeville and Perry, Georgia; and Stuart, Florida.
  Vought Aircraft Company is sold to Northrop Grumman 1994
Vought Aircraft Company is sold to Northrop Grumman
  Vought purchases The Aerostructures Corporation, 1996
The Carlyle Group purchases Nashville operationsand renames it The Aerostructures Corporation.
  Airbus A319/320 Airplane 1998
Airbus A319/320 Airplane
Nashville site begins producing upper wing panels for the popular single-aisle commercial airplane and delivers more than 600 shipsets through 2007.
  Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Phase II 1999
Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Phase II Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft
Vought produces 116-foot composite wings for two prototype/test vehicles.
  Vought Aircraft Industries is formed 2000
Vought Aircraft Industries is formed
Northrop Grumman's aerostructures business is sold to The Carlyle Group.
  Vought closes Perry, Georgia, facility 2002
Vought closes Perry, Georgia, facility
and moves production of commercial aircraft doors to Stuart.
  Vought purchases The Aerostructures Corporation, 2003
Vought purchases The Aerostructures Corporation,
owner of the Nashville site since 1996. Includes acquisition of Contour Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary with plants in Brea, California, and Everett, Washington, that produce machined aircraft parts.
  Boeing 787 Dreamliner 2003
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing selects Vought to build aft fuselage sections 47 and 48 for its new family of mid-sized commercial airplanes.
  Vought selects South Carolina

Vought selects South Carolina
as location for new greenfield site to support Boeing 787 production. The 240-acre site is adjacent to the Charleston International Airport.

  Black Hawk Helicopter 2005
Black Hawk Helicopter
Vought enters the helicopter market by announcing its first Black Hawk contract with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to manufacture cabin structures for the UH-60L, M and MH-60S variants.
  Groundbreaking in North Charleston 2005
Groundbreaking in North Charleston
takes place for the Vought and Global Aeronautica 787 campus.
  Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat Fighter 2005
Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat Fighter
Milledgeville site manufactures last horizontal stabilizer for the F-14, the U.S. Navy's primary maritime aircraft from 1974 to 2006.
  North Charleston Factory Opens 2006
North Charleston Factory Opens
Vought holds grand opening celebration on June 8, 2006 for its new 342,000-square-foot facility and delivers its first 787 production aft fuselage on May 10, 2007.
  Airbus A330/A340 2008
Airbus A330/A340
Vought reaches milestone with Airbus, delivering its 1,000 ship set of wing components.
  Boeing purchases Vought's 787 operations 2009
Vought sells 787 operations in South Carolina to Boeing
Vought continues to support the 787 program by supplying various components and engineering support services.
  Triumph Group, Inc. (TGI) purchases Vought Aircraft Industries 2010
Triumph Group, Inc. (TGI) purchases Vought Aircraft Industries
Renames entity Triumph Aerostructures, LLC.